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Hard Disk Data Recovery

Hard Drive is the store of huge data. In other words it is the place where huge data is stored. All our important data files are stored in the hard drive whether its images or audio or video or be it any format. All our data goes into hard drive. So the point is what if this data gets lost or deleted from this hard drive. What if all your data that is stored since so many years gets lost or deleted accidentally.

You might think your data is deleted permanently from hard drive but guys there is a great solution for your problem. We present you a best recovery tool named Wise Recovery Software that has the capacity to restore all your deleted or lost data from your hard drive. So this advanced Hard Disk Data Recovery Software will help your hard drive to restore all its data that was stored in it initially.

Let me ask you three questions

• Have you ever deleted your files and folders accidentally?

• Have your hard drive crashed down suddenly and you lost everything from hard drive?

• Have your computer been effected by some virus and some files or folders in hard drives vanished suddenly?

The answer for all the above question is simple and it is “Wise Recovery Software”. All these problems can be solved if you have this great Hard Disk Data Recovery Software. The free version of the software is also available that is Wise Recovery Free Edition. This edition is a good free hard disk recovery software that will help you to deal with later versions. In some of the cases, we can’t open a hard driver due to a hardware problem. There may be some physical mechanical error with the working of actuator arm. In this case, your data is not actually deleted but it gets lost due to some mechanical errors. So in this case your data can be recovered using Wise Recovery Software which is one of the best hard disk data recovery software available online.

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However, data loss may also occur due to a software problem like crashing of software etc. So now let us discuss it in more detail.

If a file is fragmented, the information is stored in partitions called multiple clusters on the hard disk drive, and it will take quite more time for the computer to read it and access it. So it can be made easier if you defrag your hard disk every week or couple of weeks or say every month. It appears that a file will disappear after it is deleted. In fact the logic is that the deleted data will not disappear until the computer’s file system overwrites some other files on it. But if the information clusters or partitions have been corrupted, the recovery might be impossible then. That is the reason why it is recommend you to recover your hard drive immediately after you lose your data so that there is not even a single chance for the file system to overwrite it with other data.

Free hard disk data recovery software to recover lost data on hard disk drive. With Wise Recovery Software, problems like crashing down won’t be a nightmare any more. It will successfully recover the data in your hard disk without harming your computer. “Wise Recovery Tool” does a great job especially on hard disk issue.

Steps to use this hard disk data recovery software.

1. Download Wise Recovery Data Recovery Software, install it and launch it. Click the “Start Scan” button on the main window of Hard Disk Data Recovery software Wise Recovery.

2. Now you can see the list of all volumes found on your computer, select the exact drive and click the “Next” button to start scanning process. If you can’t see the drive then please make sure that your external drives are connected, and click ‘Refresh’ button.

3. It will hardly take about 2-10 minutes to scan, actually it depends on your disk size and files amount on the disk. After the scanning process is finished, you can preview text document or data documents and picture files.

4. Now you may select the files or folders that you want to recover and press the “Recover” button, on the popup window, please select target directory to save the recovered files. Wise Recovery will recover files instantly. Now you can click “open the destination directory” button to see the recovered files. And here you will find all your deleted files restored again.

Note: If you are not able to get the desired results after Deleted File Recovery, go back to home window and select the option “RAW Recovery” or “Partition Recovery “.

Note: Please don’t recover the file to the disk you are recovering files from!

Some reviews written by some users of wise recovery software

“Just wanted to send a thank you to your company for having a product that worked so well. I tried a few free programs but they didn’t get every-thing back for me. Then I found this program, I finally have the losing photos back and couldn’t be happier! Thank you so much and I am going to recommend this program to anyone else I know who loses pictures and videos like I did!” – 6/8/11 Rod(rxxx@mts.net)

“We had a great experience with Lionsea Wise Recovery for our hard disk data recovery issue, they worked fast and always get back my lost files. I highly recommend Wise Recovery to anyone who needs Hard Disk data recovery services.” – 7/5/11 Thad Burak(txxx@hotmail.com)

So guys if you are looking for a hard disk data recovery software to recover your hard drive content with 100% assurance then go for Wise Recovery software. It will give you a complete satisfaction for sure.

Wise Data Recovery Software review

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