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Free Data Recovery SoftwareData is really very important to us. We at economical level store our data in memory cards, hard disk, cd’s etc. Data consists of photos, videos, audio, portable documents, etc. This data is stored in the storage device in various formats like mp3, .avi, .pdf, etc. So this data is really very dear to us specially our photos and videos. Photos and videos are the memorable to us so it is really painful to lose them. But don’t worry we have some great free data recovery software that will recover your almost complete data. Depending on the importance of data you can select the software. If you are really conscious about your data then I recommend you to go for paid ones because they retrieve all the data in any format and that too with 100% assurance rate. But if your data lost is not much in quantity and if it’s not that important then you may go for freeware data recovery software. In this post we’ll discuss about some freeware software which are listed below:

Recuva Free

• Undeleted 360

• Tenorshare freeware

All these Free Data Recovery Software are available in the form of trial version. Trial version includes some of the features of the paid ones but if you want to enjoy all the amazing features then you should buy the complete package. Now let us discuss the above free data recovery software in detail:

Free Data Recovery Software : Recuva Free

Recuva free is a free data recovery software available online which can be downloaded from the web. It is available in portal version and can be used very easily. The Recuva application wizard asks about the type of file to be recovered and starts the search in the files and folders selected by us. It supports FAT, NTFS and exFAT systems. Once the files are tracked, it’s available in a listed form with image preview option. We simply need to check the preview for the files or the images and can be restored in just couple of clicks.

Download Recuva Free

Free Data Recovery Software : Undeleted 360

This is yet another free data recovery software online and also very useful tool if the file to be restores is not so much critical and big in size. Undeleted 360 is a free version of a commercial product. The commercial version comes with many more advance features that can help to repair and recover files at better speed, with file filtering and preview option. These options can still be visible in the free version which prompts to upgrade if clicked on them. This free data recovery service can be very much used and can help you to recover files like pdf, jpg, audio, videos and many more. We just need to point it to the drive to scan for the deleted files.

Download Undeleted 360

Free Data recovery Software : Tenorshare freeware

Let us see the features of the tenorshare freeware software:

• It very easily recovers deleted or formatted 550+ formats of files.

• It successfully rescues data from all data storage devices.

• It very easily restores data from deleted, corrupted or inaccessible partition

• This freeware software is compatible with Windows file system (FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS).

• This software is quite easy, safe and fast to use and its user interface provides great access to use it.

• This amazing free data recovery software recovers files that you accidentally deleted by commanding “Shift + Delete” or emptying the Recycle Bin.

• This amazing freeware allows you to recover and restore data that were lost due to drive reformatting, a virus attack, system crash, or software failure.

• You are able to preview photos in all popular formats to confirm whether they are the ones you need before recovery, which largely improve your experience.

• It is time-saving that you can choose to scan the deleted files only, instead of all the files on the selected partition.

• It is made up of highly advanced algorithm hence scanning speed is very fast and recovery takes 15 minutes.

• Wizard-like interface with guide shows on each screen that is smart and easy user interface.

• It is completely reliable and 100% Risk Free that is Safe enough, never to any damaged to the original files.

So it depends on you that which software you want that is free or professional (paid) or WinPE (paid version).

Download Tenorshare Freeware

These are some amazing free data recovery software that will help you to recover your lost data. All these software are also available in the premium package which I recommend you to buy if you want to see 100% successful result.