Get you Data Restored using Data Recovery Software

Now a days most of our activities are done online. With the growing world of computers and technology, we are able to finish our jobs more faster and with ease. This advancement in technology has made you too much dependent on computers and other systems. All the activities done online are saved on the storage devices which are either installed internally or externally. These data are stored in form of files and folders on the hard disk and drives.

What is Data Recovery and when it is required?

Sometimes while working with our system, due to some unfortunate situation it happen that we delete some important file or folder from our system. At later stage we come to know about the importance of that file or folder. It may also happen that it skips the recycle bin altogether and gets lost completely from the system.

If some data is saved on hard drive and gets deleted, there is always a chance of recovery for such data. However we must be able to distinguish if the data was save on the storage device. While the data which never got saved on the hard drive due to power failure can never be recovered.

Some of the main reason for the loss of Data can be as listed below;

  • Accidental deletion of files or folders
  • Storage failure
  • Loss due to partition
  • File system format

Whenever such incident of data loss occurs, there is always a chance to recover those deleted files and folders, if we know the exact procedure to trace it again. We just need to know the exact technique for data recovery using the right data recovery software and tools.

How Data recovery works to recover lost or deleted files?

Whenever a file or folder gets deleted from your drive, it moves to the recycle bin.  So, if the deleted file is available in the recycle bin, you simple need to restore the file to its original location like it was before. But if the file happens to be invisible in the recycle bin as well, still there is a hope that you can track it out and restore it back to its original location.

Whenever a file is deleted from the system, the exact process behind the scene is that the computer just erase the path to that file so that it looks like the file is deleted and space is available on the drive for adding new files. Now even if the file is virtually deleted from the drive and not visible, the file data still remains on the drive in hidden form. This hidden data remain available for erasing till new data is overwritten with another file or data. So if it happens that we have deleted some data by mistake or due to some system failure what would be suggested to avoid working on the system that can lead to data to be overwritten on the drive. This will further help in maintaining the hidden data to remain for longer duration on the drive.

Today there are lot of data recovery softwares and services available online which can help in recovering lost or deleted data. These data recovery tools are freeware softwares which we need to install in our system and simply run them. They will scan our system and help to located the deleted files which are still available for restoration. If the data recovery is for very important and critical data, its always suggested to go for best data recovery software which can help in better data recovery.

Data Recovery using Free Data recovery Software and Services

Data recovery freewares helps to recover lost data from your system. Depending upon the importance of your lost data, you can chose either to go for free data recovery software and services or for the paid ones. There are lots of free data recovery software available that can help to restore the lost files like data file, photos and images, Videos or any other kind of data. Some of most widely used free data recovery softwares are Recuva free and Undelete 36o.

  • Recuva Free : Recuva free is a free data recovery tool available online which can be downloaded from the web. It is available in portal version and can be used very easily. The Recuva application wizard asks about the type of file to be recovered and starts the search in the files and folders selected by us. It supports FAT, NTFS and exFAT systems. Once the files are tracked, its available in a listed form with image preview option. We simply need to check the preview for the files or the images and can be restored in just couple of clicks.
  • Undeleted 360 : This is yet another free data recovery tool online and also very useful tool if the file to be restores is not so much critical and big in size. Undeleted 360 is a free version of a commercial product. The commercial version comes with many more advance features that can help to repair and recover files at better speed, with file filtering and preview option. These option can still be visible in the free version which prompts to upgrade if clicked on them. This free data recovery service can be very much used and can help you to recover files like pdf, jpg, audio, videos and many more. We just need to point it to the drive to scan for the deleted files.

Best Data Recovery Software for easy data recovery

When it comes to very important data like – official documents, some critical data for personal use, long preserved family pictures or videos, the situation can be very much frustrating. In such situation it becomes really necessary to look out for solution that is very much reliable in recovering the data and even able to repair it if not easily recoverable. In such case we should surely go for the paid or the specialized data recovery softwares and services.

Data recovery software can help you to recover the lost files if it is still intact in the internal system and still not overwritten by any other file. Even if we are not able to connect to the windows system, we still have a sure chance to recover the data. The best data recovery software can recover data from damaged sectors, USB drives or external hard drives or deleted partitions. It can recover any data file, including images, Microsoft Office files or Outlook emails. Data recovery software is an easy solution which can be used by anyone instead of calling a data recovery specialist who can charge an hefty amount.

We have worked out some of the most popular data recovery software that are most flexible and easy-to-use solution. The important features which needs to be checked before selecting the Data recovery software includes recoverable devices, recovery features, search and recovery options, help and support systems from the software vendor.

Hard Disk Data Recovery or external hard drive data recovery

Hard Disk are the most important part of computer system after the processors. All the important and critical files and folders are saved on the hard disk only. There it is very much important that regular back is taken in order to avoid any catastrophic situation that can lead use to loss such important and critical data. The main causes that can lead to loss of data from Hard disk can be physical damage, user deletion of data or a logical hardware failure. In such case if proper back for data is maintain, the chance for data loss is reduced. Else Hard Disk Data Recovery is the only option left which can be tried out to recover our lost or deleted information from our system.

External Storage devices are also prone to get damage in similar way, but the possibility for damage to external storage devices are very rear as compared to internal hard drive. In anyway if such situation arises for external storage device failure, the data recovery softwares can be used for external hard drive data recovery.

Photo Data Recovery

Photos and images are very much important part of our life since they preserve some memories. For example,  some moment from your childhood, your children photos which you cannot expect to lose, your marriage pictures which are really very special to you. These pictures are stored on the storage drives of your system o external drive. Just image if your lost this images due to memory card or corrupted storage device or due to some other reason. Here as well, the situation can be very tragic. With the use of photo recovery software you can easily recover those precious images and photos.

These are some of the options which can help in data recovery easily without mush hassle. In order to avoid such issue in future, its always suggested to follow regular data backup process. In case if any such data loss occurs, we always are on the safer side with back data in another drives.